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How to Handle the Evolution of Belarus

The West should support democracy in Belarus, but avoid provocative promises.

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Donald Lukashenko: Amazing Parallels Between Belarus and the US

Under Trump, the United States — despite 250 years of self-government — may get dangerously close to how Europe’s last dictator has operated in Belarus.

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Bobby Kennedy Vs. Trump’s No Show at Minneapolis

Robert F. Kennedy’s 1968 appearance in Indianapolis and the art of how to heal a nation.

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Lebanon, COVID 19 and the Arrival of the IMF

Protesters in Lebanon have plenty of reason to bemoan the autocratic response of the government — and its inability to deal with the economic crisis.

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What’s at Stake in Lebanon

Lebanon’s peaceful revolution faces being crushed by Iran-backed Hezbollah terrified of a new Middle East politics.

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Russia’s Plan to Raise Stalin-Era Pension Ages Draws Opposition

Russians worry that they will not live to collect their pension due to the proposed age increase. But to what extent is this true?

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Xi Jinping: Handling the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution

Umbrella Revolution

A new generation believes it can succeed in something its predecessors could not.

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The Failure of Thailand’s Democracy?

A unity coalition government may be only way out of Thailand’s political impasse.

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Chinese Civic Protest

How common are protests in China, despite the serious ramifications towards those who do so?

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Why Hong Kong is Unhappy

A rich business society, but with a suffering majority.

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