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On the Transgressions of Identity

Who am I? At heart, I suppose, I am a crane.

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Catching Religion at the Sagrada Familia

The confessions of an atheist.

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Lunch in Spain

Explaining one of the world’s most unique culinary traditions.

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De-Trumpification? Moving the US Forward

Could Spain — not post-war Germany or post-Maoist China — serve Americans as a model to rid the U.S. of Mr. Trump for good?

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Europe’s High-Speed Rail Leaders

Spain, France and Germany have the largest high-speed train networks after China and Japan.

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China’s Massive High-Speed Rail Network

From zero to leader in a decade.

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To Secede or Not to Secede: Learning from Catalonia

When is it appropriate for a region of a larger geopolitical entity to secede? And what criteria should be used to decide the legitimacy of a secession bid?

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Toward a Europe of the Regions?

The crisis in Catalonia and the European Union’s options?

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Catalonia: First Signs of a Return to Reason?

Reviving the autonomy deal that foundered in Spain’s constitutional court back in 2010 would find the support of the majority of Spaniards, including the Catalans.

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Catalan Questions

What’s ahead for Catalonia, Spain and the EU following the tumultuous Catalan independence referendum?

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