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Germany’s Greens: Long Wave or Short Hype?

Buoyed by its recent election success, could Germany’s Green Party claim the chancellorship when Merkel leaves office?

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May and Nahles: Two Convenient Whipping “Boys”

Women in Europe are still rarely the leaders of well-known parties. Now, the two most prominent of them could possibly leave the political top level in the same week.

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German Politics: The SPD’s Turn to Make Noise

A slew of policy proposals by the SPD highlight the risk of an end of Germany’s grand coalition before the next election in 2021.

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Germany: Will the CSU Really Topple Merkel?

The demise of the current Merkel government is not the most likely outcome yet. Both CSU and CDU would have too much to lose from it.

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Germany’s Coming Macron Migration Policy Shocker

Germany’s SPD has long seen Macron as a beacon of hope. But his stance on migration policy will greatly frustrate them – and rob Angela Merkel of her European cover.

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Will Merkel Fall?

If the CSU does not agree to any compromise on migration policy, Merkel’s government may fall apart.

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Heiko Maas: Standing Up to the Old Guard

The new German foreign minister charts a refreshingly principled stance toward Russia.

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SPD: Andrea Nahles’ Elusive Task

Why it is practically impossible for the SPD to reinvent itself.

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German Politics: The Limbo Is Over

With a new term for Merkel, Germany and Europe can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Europe Knows Where It Doesn’t Want to Go

As Germany and Italy decide the shape of their future governments, the EU is making slow progress. It is abandoning lofty schemes and determined to focus on people’s real problems.

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