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The Turkey-Russia Tango Over Syria and Libya

Is Turkey turning into a Russian puppet? Vladimir Putin is showing a remarkable ability to reverse Erdogan’s Syria ambitions.

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The US and Iran: Between Obsession and Forgetfulness

The Trump Administration’s obsession with the Iran nuclear deal cannot obscure the U.S. role in strengthening Iran.

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The Battle Over Syria’s Future

The six things that the United States and Russia ought to do with regard to Syria.

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Aleppo-Gaza-Baghdad: Inconvenient Truth, Inconvenient Parallels

Present violations of the laws of war are hardly unique to Aleppo.

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The Holiday From History Is Over

Why it is not only smart, but mandatory for mature powers to stop being overly ambitious in the field of foreign policy.

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The U.S.-Syria Scandal: Supporting Sectarian War

Senior Obama administration officials were aware from 2012 that a war to overthrow Assad would inevitably become a sectarian bloodbath.

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How the United States Is Getting Gamed in Syria

In Syria, the U.S. government has to do much more than pressure Russia.

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Obama’s “Moderate” Syrian Deception

Russia is targeting hardline groups the United States has tacitly aided for more than a year.

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The Inevitable Emergence of Assad as a U.S. Ally

Syrian Rebels

The only option for the United States to defeat the Islamic State and end the refugee crisis.

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Hillary Clinton: Lacking Smarts, Principles or Both?

Hillary Clinton attacks Obama’s foreign policy — she would be better off emulating it

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