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International Women’s Day: An Egyptian Perspective

How is it that young Egyptian men are often proud of their sexual virility? The Egyptian government benefits politically.

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Dissing Canada: How the Saudis Beat Themselves

Multiple diplomatic spats raise questions about Saudi concept of sovereignty and its human rights obligations internationally.

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The (Silent) Revolution of Muslim Women

Since 2000, 50 million women in predominantly-Muslim countries have entered the labor market.

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Beyond Harvey Weinstein: Sextortion Around the Globe

Sextortion – the demand for sexual favors by powerful men – is especially prevalent in poor countries. It is the least investigated form of corruption in the world.

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#SheTrades: Global Actions to Empower Women to Trade

It is time to unlock women’s economic potential!

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Women in Congress: How Does the U.S. Stack Up?

The United States still fares poorly on representation of women in its national legislature.

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Saudi Arabia: From the Eyes of an Insider

“Segregation” is the only way to describe the situation for women in Saudi Arabia.

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Turkey’s Important Balancing Act

Promoting women’s empowerment in Turkey.

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Looking Backwards: International Women’s Day

Why do we tolerate a gap in leadership on women’s rights?

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Women’s Rights in Ghana: Protecting Widows

Akumaa Mama Zimbi helps widows in Ghana preserve their land and their rights.

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