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Learning from Our “Youngers”

If young people ran the world, what issues would they focus on?

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Meeting the Global Challenge of Children With Disabilities

Addressing the needs of children with disabilities is a sign of a compassionate and intelligent society.

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Where Will India's Young People Find Work?

As 11 million Indian young people come of age over the next ten years, where will they find work?

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Dateline Cairo: Can Egypt Fulfill Its Potential?

Is Egypt poised to finally overcome its decades of stagnation?

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Opium-Addicted Children: Paying a Heavy Price for the Afghan War

How can years of war doom generations of children to a miserable life?

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Global Youth — Between Marginalization, Militarization and Mobilization

What is being done to engage the world’s youth in a positive manner?

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Why Youth Matters

Do the insecurities of young people contribute to conflict situations?

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Ring of Fire: The Paris Riots

What do these riots say about the state of integration in France and more widely in Europe?

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Dublin Swings

After several remarkable years of economic growth, is Dublin the same old city it used to be?

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An African Alphabet: From AIDS to Zebra

What can the alphabet teach us about the current state of Africa?

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