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Iran Protests: The Young and the Jobless

Iran’s economy continues to struggle with not finding enough jobs for its young.

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Italy’s Multi-Generation Homes

How does Italy compare to major EU countries on young adult children living with parents?

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U.S. Economy: Youth at Home

Young Americans began moving in with parents in large numbers before the recession hit.

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Can China Maintain Social Peace?

China’s young people feel under intense pressure.

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Will China be Able to Curb Adolescent Suicide?

Suicides rates soar in the face of China’s transformation. What can China do to reverse the trend?

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A Vote for Afghanistan

How can a society develop exemplary civic courage in the face of brutal terror?

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Shenzhen: The 80s Generation Comes of Age

Life in the big city for a generation that grew up after the start of economic reforms.

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Now Is the Time To Avoid a Full-Blown Regional AIDS Epidemic

The Middle East and North Africa critically need attention to AIDS.

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Russia and Egypt: Stunning Parallels

A key comparison on the global relevance of the slow-motion Arab Spring.

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What Unites Turkey’s and Iran’s Youth

How are the young reformers in Turkey and Iran united by their actions in June 2013? What does their future path look like?

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