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Africa: Time for Truth-Telling?

Can U.S. President Joe Biden challenge human rights and corruption abuses at the June G7 Summit in Cornwall?

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Battery Production: Low-Risk Lithium (and Nickel)

Stable and secure countries produce most of two key metals for battery production.

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South Africa’s Land Question

The reactions to the National Assembly’s motion to amend South Africa’s constitution for the expropriation of land without compensation underscore how divided South Africa remains.

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Curtains for Zuma

With South Africa’s president out, what lies ahead for South Africa and the rest of the African continent?

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Beyond Mugabe: Angola’s Strongman Also Bowed Out in 2017

José Eduardo dos Santos left oil-rich Angola’s presidency on his own terms after 38 years.

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Toward Africa’s Second Independence?

While the fall of Mugabe should be celebrated, it is also a reminder of Africa’s need to review its vision for the future.

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Mugabe’s 37 Years

What is next for Zimbabwe?

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After Mugabe: Zimbabweans Hope for a Better Life

Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe could use its bountiful natural resources to usher in a new era.

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Zimbabwe’s Tailspin: The Lessons for Africa

Once upon a time, Zimbabwe was a country that all of us looked up to as how post-liberation Africa could look like.

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The Steady Beat of Wars and Heavy Rains

Women in Mozambique bear the brunt of civil war, droughts and floods.

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