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The Best of The Globalist Research Center in 2008

What were the ten most thought-provoking features presented by The Globalist Research Center in 2008?


1. China in My Life — A Personal Journey
How does the emergence of China look through the prism of a Westerner’s life?

By Jean-Pierre Lehmann
2. On the Politics of Financial Meltdowns
What can the United States learn from the financial crises that have roiled emerging markets?

By Raj M. Desai
3. Building a Better Global Financial System
Under what terms should countries meet in order to build a better global financial system?

By Lex Rieffel
4. 1860 and the Challenges of the Future (Part I)
What similarities emerge between the U.S. economy of today and that of 1860?

By Michael L. Eskew
5. An Independence Day Reflection: America’s Next Challenge
Is the United States on the verge of a major civil transition?

By Robert H. Dugger
6. The Fed’s Decade of Deception
What havoc has the U.S. Federal Reserve’s ten years of deception wreaked on the U.S. — and global — economy?

By Martin Hutchinson
7. Rethinking Globalization: A European Perspective
Is there a unique European perspective on globalization?

By Luis Francisco Martínez Montes
8. Dateline Kenya: Democracy as a Nation Breaker?
Has the West’s insistence on democracy contributed to the current turmoil in Kenya?

By Bernard Wasow
9. Sovereign Development Funds
What are the consequences of developing economies’ growing influence in the global market?

By Javier Santiso
10. Out of Bretton Woods
What is the most effective way for the new U.S. administration to cooperate on international financial issues?

By David Apgar

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