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The Globalist’s Top Ten Features of 2010

What were some of the most thought-provoking features published on The Globalist in 2010?

December 24, 2010

What were some of the most thought-provoking features published on The Globalist in 2010?

The following are The Globalist’s top features of 2010:

1. The End of Politics as a Zero-Sum Game
What can a war-torn African country teach the rest of the world about politics?

By Bill Clinton
2. Europe's Debt Crisis: Long-Term Economic Decline?
Is the turmoil over the euro accelerating the long-term erosion of Europe's economic power?

By Dan Steinbock
3. Using American Exceptionalism to Block Change
Are U.S. conservatives actually serving to make America less exceptional?

By Edward Goldberg
4. America’s Budding 1995 Nostalgia
With nostalgia budding for happier times, why should Americans look back on 1995 with fond memories?

By Martin Hutchinson
5. A Thanksgiving Reflection
In a time of war, terrorism and rampant human rights abuses, why is there still reason for hope?

By César Chelala
6. South Africa Post-World Cup: All's Well — or Hello Orwell?
Is South Africa experiencing a surge of freedom after the World Cup hype — or is it regressing to apartheid-era laws?

By Ayesha Kajee
7. The Vindication of Joe Stiglitz
Why is there a reasonable risk of another financial crisis within five to ten years?

By Prakash Loungani
8. The Muslim World and the Titanic
Does Islam share the same fate as the Titanic?

By Hamed Abdel-Samad
9. Ignoring Half of the Second Amendment
Has the U.S. Supreme Court’s re-interpretation of the Second Amendment cost lives?

By Carl Bindenagel
10. Dateline India: What Shade of Brown Are You?
Why, in a country where everyone is various pigments of brown, are many Indians so eager to be anything but?

By Sampriti Ganguli

Honorable Mentions:

1. Ayn Rand and I
Did Ayn Rand’s libertarian philosophy stem from improperly transferring her experience in revolutionary Russia to the western world?

By Gurcharan Das
2. Greece, the Argentine Debt Default and the American Connection
Why should Greece approach Argentina's debt default as a cautionary tale?

By Robert J. Shapiro
3. Lula Will Be a Tough Act to Follow
Will Brazil’s next president be able to match Lula’s political and economic legacy?

By Joseph Quinlan
4. From BP to BCP — The Britain-China Petroleum Company
Did local U.S. politics unleash international forces that it can no longer control as far as BP's fate is concerned?

By Matthew Hulbert and Christian Br