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The European Project Reimagined

Re-thinking “ever closer union” based on a eurozone core.

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Germany and France: Stick Together on Greece

How will the end game on Greece’s proposals play out?

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Benefits of the Greek Crisis

Why the eurozone will become more stable — thanks to the Tsipras episode.

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Germany as the Euro’s Real Loser: 10 Reasons

Why the average German is the main loser in the Eurozone.

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Varoufakis’s Ill-Advised Visions

Yanis Varoufakis’s vision for the Eurozone.

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Greek Theater and Europe’s Future

Why politicians welcome the Grexit debate – and why it will do little to solve Europe’s woes.

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France’s Sudden Chinese Impulses

Why is the French finance minister invoking other cultures’ diplomatic style to defend France?

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The Global Economy in 2014: An Uneven Recovery

What is the 2014 outlook for economies around the world?

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Bailing Out the Eurozone

What are the four ways to solve the eurozone’s economic troubles?

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Those Pesky German Trade Surpluses

Why it is in Germany’s own interest to change course.

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