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Trump’s Budget Priorities: Crimes Against Humanity?

President Trump’s proposed budget highlights the increasing White House determination to find military solutions to the world’s ills.

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Asia’s Dark Underbelly and Long-Term Development

Across Asia, governments not only refuse to recognize a quest for cultural, ethnic, national or political rights, but are often willing to suppress them with brutal force.

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China in My Life — China in the 21st Century

Are the Beijing Olympics a pinnacle of China’s rise — or a pitfall?

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Trump’s Playing Loose with the Law: A Global Perspective

Trump might seem pro-business, but he could do great harm to U.S. corporations and their worldwide interests.

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Time to Kick Turkey Out of NATO?

Violations of the free press and of human rights demand that the West reevaluate its relationship with Turkey.

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The Kurds Under Erdogan’s Tyrannical Governance

When will Erdogan come to his senses to see that the solution to the conflict with the Kurds lies only in peace negotiations?

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Germany’s Gauck in China: Human Rights for Home Consumption

How the Chinese leadership manages to cottonball sensitive state visits.

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10 Facts on the Origins of Gay Rights in Berlin

Nineteenth century Berlin was the birthplace of gay rights.

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The Globalist’s Top 10 Features on Japan

Top features on Japan’s uncertain future.

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The Globalist’s Top 10 Features on Women

A selection of the most interesting features on women and gender issues published by The Globalist in 2014.

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