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Top Globalist Research Center Features of 2009

What were the ten most thought-provoking features presented by The Globalist Research Center in 2009?


1. Fiscal Policy and Inequality: Latin American Lessons for the U.S.
How much reduction in inequality can, or should, the United States expect to achieve through fiscal policy?

By Charles P. Oman
2. China's Instability Paradox
Why is China pursuing oil resources in unstable countries without regard for the political risk entailed?

By Matthew Hulbert and Christian Brütsch
3. Financial Stability for Central Banks
How can central banks be made more accountable?

By Stephen S. Roach
4. Globalization and Grassroots Democracy
How can Latin America guarantee that globalization translates into political equality for all citizens?

By Marcel Fortuna Biato
5. The Green New Deal as a Transatlantic Challenge
How can we transition to greener and cleaner transatlantic economies?

By Reinhard Buetikofer
6. The Case for a Carbon Tax to Control Climate Change
Why would a carbon tax create more stable energy prices than a cap-and-trade mechanism?

By Robert J. Shapiro
7. Integrity and Fiscal Stimulus
How can governments prevent the siphoning of public funds for private gain?

By Angel Gurría
8. Designing Economic Policy for a Second-Best World
What are the main causes of the economic crisis?

By Karen Johnson
9. The China Checklist
What are some common myths about U.S.-China relations?

By Joseph Quinlan
10. Regional Voices in Global Governance: A Natural Progression
How will forums such as the G-20 and the G-8 evolve to become more inclusive?

By Lex Rieffel

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