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Toward a People-Centered Globalization?

After the Yellow Vests challenged Macron in France, is there a way out of the conundrum for the G20 nations?

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The Scale of G20 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Can the G20 summit help advance international cooperation on the environment?

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G20: How Many Countries Really?

The G20 summit will represent a fifth of the world’s governments.

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The G20 by Population

More than half of the global population is represented at the annual G20 summit.

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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed at the G-20 Summit

The Khashoggi murder crisis continues to ripple globally, far beyond U.S. domestic politics.

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Western Europe: The Fastest-Closing Gender Gap

Which world regions have the widest gender gaps and which are closing slowest?

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One Hooray For Cryptocurrencies

Today’s tech sector has become a slow-moving behemoth, but there is one area bubbling with creativity — that of crypto-currencies.

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From Land to Sea: Plastic Trash as Far as the Eye Can See

Millions of tons of plastics end up in landfills and oceans each year.

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India After the G-20 Summit

How does India fit into the world economy? Does the world’s soon to be most populous nation have a viable economic strategy?

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The Worst Human Crisis Since World War Two

America turns its back on the world’s starving – will the G20 come to the rescue?

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