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In Charts: EU/UK Futures

Key facts on Brexit and the UK’s economic future explained in charts.

Credit: Philip Lange,


  • Key facts on Brexit and the UK’s economic future explained in charts.

A key Brexiteer criticism of the EU has been how much membership of the bloc costs. But how much does EU membership actually cost the UK? And what benefits does it get back in return?

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The Brexit options from which the UK can choose

Breakdown: EU membership fee

Under which agreements the UK trades

European political structures

Source: European Commission

EU political structures: The future?

Voter turnout EU Parliamentary elections 2014.

Source: UK Parliament

Projected share of seats in EU Parliament 2019 without UK

Views on the future of the EU

Source: European Commission

The UK fruit farmer who voted for Brexit

How will a lack of EU migrants affect Britain’s workforce? (from Channel 4 News).

To watch the video, click here.

To read the full report on the costs of the 2014 European Parliamentary elections for the UK, click here.

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