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Vladimir Putin, Global Despot: The Globalist’s Top Ten

A selection of articles exploring the Russian leader and the country he rules.

August 27, 2023

1. Putin’s Perverted Genocidal “Logic”

The international community should pay much closer attention to the completely perverted reasoning behind Putin calling for a “de-Nazification” of Ukraine.

By Gunnar Heinsohn

2. Schröder, Putin and the Laws of Omerta

Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather” movie is all you need to understand Gerhard Schröder, the former German Chancellor and close Putin crony.

By Stephan Richter

3. Putin and Mussolini: Brothers in Spirit

Reflections on the complicit role of the Russian Orthodox Church in Putin’s brutal rule in Russia itself — and beyond Russia’s borders.

By Cyril Hovorun

4. War In Ukraine: Putin Can’t Win — But the US Can Lose

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam demonstrates that Russia is resorting to increasingly desperate measures. The question is how the West will respond.

By Alexei Bayer

5. Europe’s New Hitler: Another Psychopath at Work

Vladimir Putin is a murderous despot: Why the West’s response to Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine matters. And why we must deal firmly with his European enablers.

By Stephan Richter and Uwe Bott

6. The World and Russia After Putin

Even if Russia were to still “win” the war, it will lose the peace. Regime change in Russia is not on the official agenda of the Western Alliance, but it seems a likely result.

By Stephan Richter and Uwe Bott

7. Putin, the Master Strategist? Is 2021 Our 1914?

Why the strategic situation in Europe today, occasioned by the standoff at the Polish-Belarus border, resembles 1914 more than that of the Cold War.

By Stephen F. Szabo

8. Deciphering Putin’s Russia: Why the Strains with the West?

A conversation with Angela Stent, the author of “Putin’s World: Russia Against the West and with the Rest” and former U.S. government official on Russia.

By Angela Stent

9. Putin’s Oligarchs and Yeltsin’s Oligarchs: All the Same?

The Putin oligarchs are billionaires who serve at the discretion of the state. The original Yeltsin-type oligarchs owned the state.

By Branko Milanovic

10. Putin’s Russia Is Like Brezhnev’s USSR: Will the End Be the Same?

After 20 years in power, Putin’s balance sheet is weak. Considering Russia strong is a serious misreading of its real situation at home and abroad.

By Alexei Bayer

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A selection of articles exploring Vladimir Putin and the country he rules.