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World Leaders in Wine Imports

Which two countries are the largest buyers of foreign wine?


  • Germany is the largest wine-importing nation.
  • The United Kingdom is the second-largest wine importer.

1. Germany is not the largest wine consuming country at 20.2 million hectoliters (hl) total. However it is the largest wine-importing nation.

2. Germans imported 14.5 million hl – or 72% of the volume consumed. (Per capita German consumption ranked eighth in 2015 at 29.3 liters).

3. The United Kingdom was the second-largest wine importer (13.5 million hl) and sixth-largest wine consumer (12.9 million hl) in 2016.

4. UK wine production is also on the rise, unexpectedly, due to a warming climate and improved foreign currency exchange rates.

5. After Germany and the UK, the United States is the third-largest wine importer by volume, but the largest by value at more than €5 billion ($5.6 billion).

Sources: The Globalist Research Center, the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), The Guardian

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