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European Imperialism in Asia

Australia’s former Prime Minister on how World War I has much to answer for a century later.

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Notes From Athens: The Syriza Policy Illusions

The debate in Greece is too caught up on four major delusions.

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Greece: Playing the Russia Card Against Europe?

If Greece wants to play the Russia card, it has some questions to consider first.

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The World’s Five Top Elections in 2015

Which countries’ elections are most worth watching — and why?

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The Case for Syriza

Greece and the tragedy of modern history.

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Greece: Potential Scenarios for a Prime Minister Tsipras

Opinion polls are projecting a victory for the left at the coming Greek election.

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France and Its Jews

France must act quickly to stop a new wave of anti-Semitism.

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Europe’s Eager Islamism Understanders

After more than 25 years of Islamist killings in Europe, isn’t it time to stop blaming Israel or George W. Bush?

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Hannah Arendt, Putin and Today’s Russia

Hannah Arendt would have found a lot to dislike about today’s Russia. But she would have loved Pussy Riot.

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Charlie Hebdo and the Project of French Identity

What to do when you are no longer the next universal vision for humanity?

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