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After the Coup: Backlash Against Turkey’s Minorities

The failed coup has sparked a wave of hatred and violence against religious minorities for their supposed “complicity” in the incident.

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Future of Globalization: Why the Renaissance Mindset Matters So Much

What happens if there is no fair distribution of gains and losses? A Renaissance lens could have brought this risk into focus much sooner.

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The “Boytrap”: When the Islamic State Goes to Play Soccer

With mosques under surveillance, IS turns to soccer for recruitment

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Who Drives Political Violence in Pakistan?

Pakistan’s generals like to blame their country’s cycle of political violence on foreign forces. In reality, it is largely home-made.

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Merkel and Turkey: Six Fundamental Errors

Does Germany’s Chancellor really not understand the cynical ways in which Turkey’s President plays her? Is it naiveté – or appeasement?

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Absolute Power: Erdogan’s Self-Made Trap

With next to no obstacles in his way any longer, Turkey’s President will soon run out of people to blame for Turkey’s mounting woes. The country will suffer.

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From Trump to Erdogan: The Rise of the “Identitarians”

Supporters of identity politics feel safer by shutting doors to the rest of the world. Who pays the price? How did elites contribute to it all?

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Japan’s Emperor, the Revolutionary

How the constitutional monarch may be able to set the tone for social change in Japan.

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Brazil: Like India or Ghana?

Despite repeated high hopes for progress, it has been fifty years of unresolved economic problems in Brazil.

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#SheTrades: Global Actions to Empower Women to Trade

It is time to unlock women’s economic potential!

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