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Oil as a WMO: The West’s Weapon of Mass Obedience?

Will lower oil prices drive Saudi Arabia and Russia to pursue sensible reforms at home at long last?

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ISIS as a Colonial Creature: Is Washington Being “Played”?

ISIS is not an aberration. It is a legitimate part of the Middle Eastern political landscape.

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The Congress of Vienna at 200

The enduring legacy of the best peace conference of all time.

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Is ISIS Islamic?

Every religion has its dark sides, but the conflict is about politics.

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How ISIS Catches the United States With Its Pants Down

A new form of asymmetric warfare against the world’s biggest military.

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Japan: A Polite Nation’s Dark Underbelly

A poor record on human rights hurts democracy in Japan.

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Ukraine: Survival as a Human Right

Ahead of a decisive winter, Ukraine faces a difficult battle without strong support from the West.

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Xi Jinping: Handling the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution

Umbrella Revolution

A new generation believes it can succeed in something its predecessors could not.

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The Inevitable Emergence of Assad as a U.S. Ally

Syrian Rebels

The only option for the United States to defeat the Islamic State and end the refugee crisis.

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Reform Islam Vs. the Billionaire Barons

Islam isn’t inherently backward – it’s being held back by powerful donors.

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