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CIA Torture: Book the Americans

If ever there is an open-and-shut case for the ICC to raise its stature as a universal upholder of justice, this is it.

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Human Rights Day 2014: More Than an Irony?

The United States and Brazil issue landmark reports: How can the world really do better?

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India and the Great Game of Energy

Will signing two big energy deals with Russia irritate both China and the U.S.?

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First China, Now India: Putin’s Tilt to Asia

President Putin puts on the hard sell in Asia.

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Turkey and Russia: Alliance or Battle Over Energy?

Turkey and Russia form stronger bilateral ties with a new extensive energy deal, but is it sustainable?

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America’s Police: Preparing Urban Warfare

What connects Mexico’s Iguala, Ferguson and New York City?

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Britain’s Christmas Gift to Putin

Cameron commits a shocking diplomatic mistake and loses yet another European ally.

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Scotland’s Alex Salmond: Down, But Not Out

Alex Salmond

Two months after voters rejected independence, the Scottish National Party leader is back to try again.

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How to Deal With the Return of Hard Power Politics in Europe

Putin’s actions require a new double-track decision by the West.

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Immigration: The Story of U.S. Political Dysfunction

President Obama’s immigration action is a product of a far larger problem.

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