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Daumier, The Satirist

In contemporary America, Daumier could have had a field day.

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Dumping Peanuts in Haiti

Stop calling “aid” what really is about supply management for US agricultural interests.

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After Orlando: Trump Doing ISIS’s Bidding

Calling the Orlando attack “Islamist Terrorism” is a strategic mistake.

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National Governments: Corrupted Systematically?

Breaking the ties between organized crime and official corruption.

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Soap Operas as Teaching Tools

Using television to spread public health messages.

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Working to End Secret Companies

The first global registry of true ownership is a step forward

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Pakistan’s Shrinking Liberal Minority

Caught between Western-backed illiberal authoritarians and anti-Western religious fanatics, liberalism is under siege

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Boycott the Rio Olympics to Defend Brazilian Democracy

Beware the anti-democratic events now unfolding in Brazil.

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McKinsey and the Saudi Mirage

Why the Saudi attempt to modernize their society is bound to fail.

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Why Erdogan is on a Nationalist Path

Erdogan’s embrace of nationalist rhetoric and actions could have important repercussions on Turkish foreign policy.

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