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Mark Wolf: Judge on a Global Mission

Campaign grows for an International Anti-Corruption Court.

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Beyond Flint: Victimizing Women and Children

Environmental degradation takes a heavy toll on women and children’s health.

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China: A Free Hand in the South China Sea?

Is Beijing’s maritime strategy sinking freedom of navigation In the South China Sea?

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Merkel to Germany: “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”

Will the German Chancellor rely on a 1965 blues rock hit by The Animals to explain her course reversal on refugees?

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Putin to Trump: Can They Survive “Internet Terror”?

Internet espionage as an equal opportunity discriminator.

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Egypt’s Revolution: Five Years After

All around the world, active citizenship is under attack and the space for civic engagement is closing.

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India and the Threat of Islamist Terrorism

So far, ISIS has not turned its attention heavily toward the religiously diverse target.

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Refugee Crisis: The EU’s Turkey Connection

Europe has to tread carefully as Turkey itself is in a precarious situation.

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Merkel’s “We Can Do It!” Perhaps Not!

Reflections on Merkel’s curious mixture of profound ethics paired with high-handedness and naiveté.

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Taiwan’s New President: An Unwitting Social Revolutionary

Tsai may well come to redefine female leadership in Asia.

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