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South Africa: Cry, the Beloved Country

nelson mandela

What took South Africa from 1994 to 2014 will not take it to 2034.

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Rousseff, Brazil and Global Leadership

Is President Dilma ready for a change of course at home and abroad?

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Romania: The German Factor and a Continental Pattern

The election in Romania shows how Europe grows together – quietly.

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Trade as a Confidence-Building Measure in East Asia

The future of East Asia depends upon the ability of its nations to jump over the shadows of the past.

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U.S. Double Standards: ISIS and Murders in Mexico

The Mexico conflict is the U.S.’s most unjustifiable strategic blind spot.

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The World’s New Thirty Years War

How to shape a coherent long-term Western strategy for the age of new global violence.

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Not Cold War II, But Toward World War III?

Putin is not the only problematic character on the global stage.

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Ukraine’s Energy Future

Ukraine’s economic freedom depends more on its energy freedom than on any other single factor.

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Pricing the Risk of Climate Change

Why U.S. politicians must learn about dealing with reality.

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Russia Remakes History Over NATO Expansion

The United States never consented to having no NATO expansion deals.

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