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How China Leaves Mental Health Problems Unaddressed

China lacks the manpower and training to handle an epidemic of mental illness.

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Kerry’s Political Theater in Afghanistan

The power sharing agreement in Afghanistan has no basis in law or popular support.

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China: Radical Transformations – From Middle Kingdom to Global Sea Power

China from Mencius to Mahan – through Marx, Mao and Market Leninism.

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The West: A Minority Club

Why not hold the West as well as the Rest accountable for their actions?

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The West Against the Rest

A short history of geopolitical dominance by the West.

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An American “Reset” for Africa?

Africa no longer needs the U.S. as a benefactor. It wants a relationship based on mutual interests.

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Ebola: An Opportunity for Public Diplomacy

The Ebola virus is proof that foreign policy is not “foreign.”

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What Should Scare Us Most About Ebola?

How wars and climate change affect the health of all the world’s people.

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War Crimes: How to Get Justice?

What are the lessons to be learned from the stalemate in Kosovo?

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Can China Maintain Social Peace?

China’s young people feel under intense pressure.

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