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The IMF Goes Varoufakis? Please Don’t!

Message to Washington: Debt relief for Greece is a big fat red herring.

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Arabs and Westerners: The Widening Gap

An analysis of the difference in value systems.

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Blues for Tahrir

Todd Marcus, bass clarinetist from Baltimore, laments the suffering of people in the land of his forefathers.

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Saudi Arabia: On the Inside Track in Egypt

How extremism migrated from Saudi Arabia to Egypt.

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Tsipras and Putin: Does Greece Have a Russia Option?

Getting closer to Moscow runs counter to Greece’s economic interests.

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Selling Out the Kurds

To recruit Turkey against ISIS, the United States lost sight of its true friends.

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POTUS in Kenya

Obama’s visit to the roots of our civilization, not just his own.

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EU: On the Road to a Tallin Treaty?

A prediction about what lies ahead for the European Union.

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The Failure of Politics: Merkel’s Euro Debacle?

On the costs of the illusion that the Euro would only bring benefits.

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Europe and the Consequences of French Weakness

European changes since German reunification 25 years ago represent a double blow for France.

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