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Why ISIS May Be Targeting France

By seeking to destabilize France, already struggling economically, ISIS aims at bringing down the whole European Union.

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Ukraine: Why the West Must Be Flexible

Focusing on deterring Russia will not safeguard Ukraine’s future.

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U.S. and Syria: Focus on the Saudi Factor

How terror attacks in Paris calls for revising U.S. policy in Syria.

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EU’s Fate After Paris: A Dark Scenario

The terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015, could be the final crisis that breaks the Union’s back.

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Refugees: The Four Forces Driving Angela Merkel

Seizing America’s “future preference” and having grown up behind the “Iron Curtain” help explain Merkel’s approach to the refugee crisis.

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ISIS and Pre-Revolutionary Russia

Are radical Islamists heirs to Russian Nihilists?

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Reality Check After Paris

16 Points on Puzzling Pundit “Thinking”

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The West Should Unite to Crush ISIS

ISIS is now too powerful for the West to remain safe without commitment of large ground forces.

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France and the West: Inconvenient Questions

Action-reaction patterns in the November 13 terrorist attack in Paris.

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After Paris: Long Cycles in Politics and History

The world still awaits a resolution of the end of the Ottoman Empire, Caliphate or not.

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