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Greece: Help from Putin?

How realistic are Greek announcements about a big energy deal with Russia?

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The Risk that Glows in the Dark

It is fairly likely that by 2030 a nuclear attack will have hit one or more major Western cities.

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Greece: Still Shying Away from the Hard Decisions

Unless Mr. Tsipras bites the bullet on tough reforms, Grexit will certainly become a reality.

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Candidate Clinton: The Foreign Policy Dimension

Hillary Clinton should shift course on her foreign policy as she launches her second presidential campaign.

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The Liberation of Bergen-Belsen: A Survivor Remembers

70 years later, a survivor of the atrocities of WWII recalls her experience.

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Will Iran Become a Successful Emerging Market?

If the nuclear deal with Iran succeeds, the world will see a great shift in geopolitics and economic growth.

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Turkey’s Important Balancing Act

Promoting women’s empowerment in Turkey.

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China: Where Young Men Are Looking for Brides

A cultural bias towards male heirs is creating a vast gender divide in China.

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General Buhari’s Revolutionary Win

A new chapter opens for Nigeria.

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Mr. Tspiras Tries to Blackmail Europe

Now Greece acts as Putin’s and Russia’s Trojan horse.

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