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World Humanitarian Summit: Syrian Child Refugees in Turkey

The summit is a timely opportunity to turn the world’s gaze to the protection needs of the displaced Syrian children.

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How Turkey Became a De Facto Dictatorship

President Erdogan’s lust for power has now taken down even his competent prime minister.

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Vietnam: Recycling An Uneasy History

Discovering world history via a creatively re-bent American icon – a Coca Cola can.

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Egypt: Al Sisi’s Solo Rule: Can it Last?

The strongman drives Egypt like a racecar, but in the wrong direction.

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Obama at Hiroshima

The U.S. president’s visit to the atomic bombing memorial caps his foreign policy agenda.

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Rising Asia: Uneven Journey, Promising Future

Young Asians may not be wiser than older generations, but we share a more peace-oriented consensus.

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A Love Letter to 339 Lafayette: NYC Then and Now

Memories of student activism in a changing New York neighborhood.

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Jail the Corrupt! No More Impunity

From Brazil to Macedonia, from Iceland to Guatemala, public prosecutors are going after corrupt top politicians on an unprecedented scale.

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China’s ASEAN Coup

Washington is outmaneuvered on the South China Sea Dispute by deft diplomacy, as ASEAN renders itself useless.

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Refugees: EU Victimizing Balkans?

Can the EU seriously drop the migration problem in the lap of the countries in the Western Balkans?

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