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The U.S. Strategy on IS in Iraq Has It Backwards

Why the U.S. government must rethink Iraq’s territorial integrity.

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Climate Change: Like an Asteroid

The threat of climate change must be taken far more seriously, before it is too late.

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India: When Populism is Not Sustainable

Why is the Delhi’s Chief Minister Kejriwal’s popularity plunging?

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Why Moldova Won’t be Russia’s Next Target

How Russian pressure on Moldova has given the EU a chance to prove itself as an economic partner.

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The European Union as a Foreign Policy Weakling

Does the EU lack the will to deal with its eastern “partners” at Riga?

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India: Maneuvering Among China, the US, Europe and Russia

Prime Minister Modi faces a real foreign policy “trilemma.”

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China: Peaceful Rise to Great Power Status Won’t Be Easy!

Can the West constructively encourage China’s peaceful rise?

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UK’s Cameron: Caught in the Syriza/Tsipras Trap

Why Britain won’t get a “new deal” from Brussels and Europe.

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David Cameron, the Minimalist

Cameron has set the barrier for the EU so low even Jean-Claude Juncker could hop over it.

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UK’s Brexit Risk: Five Issues That Need Watching

There is a low probability Britain will leave the EU, but if it does, the consequences will be tremendous.

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