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The End of American Exceptionalism?

America, on the road to become like Europe’s social democracies, is losing its exceptionalism.

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Warfare and the Invention of GDP

Quite contrary to current efforts to reflect happiness, GDP was invented to prepare nations better for warfare.

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Geopolitics at a Beijing Teahouse

Different worldviews informed by different geographical points of reference.

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The Eternal Nazi

Searching for a Nazi war criminal on the streets of Cairo

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UN and Bombing Syria: 1945 and Now

How the world of 2014 is an eerie replay of 1945.

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U.S.-India: Dealing With Monsoon Failure

When the U.S. government worked constructively to help a nation in danger.

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How the US Was Smarter Than the UK

Reflections on the art of global power management.

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Could Britain’s Past Be America’s Future?

Is the end of empire such a bad thing? Perhaps for the elites, but not for the population at large.

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Forget Beijing and Delhi: When Diplomacy Goes Local

How to conduct global diplomacy with local power centers.

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The Day That Lives in Infamy – December 7, 1941

How did oil catalyze the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

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