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Europe’s Path and the Great Global Convergence?

A continent in decline.

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Germany: The Reluctant Leader of the New Europe

Germany’s nuanced role as the new leader of Europe.

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Shanghai – A City Hungry for the Future

Shanghai longs for a future that envelops the past.

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A Professor in Foggy Bottom: “The Golden Hour”

An international thriller set in the world of politics and espionage.

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Tax Carbon Consumption: Europe’s Best Environmental Strategy

Why Europe needs to act on climate change – and how.

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Africa as a Global Test Case

Has the time for a new global approach to Africa finally arrived?

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Asia Searches for Its Path to the Future

The example of the Western world offers only very limited guidance to resolve Asian countries’ domestic conflicts.

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Why Europe Leaves Me Puzzled

Reflections of a foreign correspondent from Asia upon leaving her post in Brussels.

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India as an Inspiration for Europe?

What can India teach the EU regarding the key challenges it faces?

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Yes We Can: How Eisenhower Wrestled Down the U.S. Warfare State

A former war hero practices fiscal rectitude at the Pentagon.

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