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Will a Mouse Find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

The search for MH370 is proof that crowdsourcing will become a vital part of aid and rescue efforts in the future.

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American Expressed: Life in a World of Oligopolies

Self-serving, not customer service: A story of U.S. corporate practices toward consumers.

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Healing D.C.: What Muriel Bowser Must Do

Can the D.C. mayor-in-waiting overcome the racial divide that persists in the U.S. capital city?

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Manuel Valls: The Man to Remake France

France’s new prime minister could herald significant changes in Europe’s economic landscape.

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Don’t Count the Democrats Out Just Yet

Why U.S. Republicans may not gain another unearned victory in the fall.

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The Last Part of Sabria’s Journey

The last night of a long journey from Otilja, Syria to Dusseldorf, Germany for the world’s oldest refugee.

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Crimea: What Could Have Been

Vasily Aksenov’s 1979 utopian novel “The Island of Crimea” in today’s context

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From the Paradise of Dissent to the Paradise of Diversity

The economic future of South Australia

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Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Why is it right and smart to empower women?

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Food and Foreign Policy: A Diplomatic Cuisine

What can food teach us about global conflicts and creative diplomacy?

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