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The Myth of Asia: The Absence of an Asian Intellectual Space

Asian nations must decrease their intellectual dependence on the West.

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The Myth of Asia: Now Perpetrated By Asians Themselves

Why “Asia” never made any sense.

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2014 In The Rear View Mirror

Let’s close the books on 2014 with a degree of joy that the year is ending.

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Winston Churchill: Hagiography Versus History


Churchill is hero, not history, and Britain still lives under his shadow.

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Reforming Democracy and the Future of History

To spread Democracy, democratic nations must look inward first.

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The Other June 4, 1989

How the events in Tiananmen Square drove the first free election in Eastern Europe from front pages around the world.

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Liberalism in the Arab World?

The trials and tribulations behind raising support for liberal policies in Egypt and beyond.

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5 Uplifting Things About Haiti

Rough waters and tough tides cannot trump Haiti’s spirit

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift

Why women around the globe play a central role in creating better economies.

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Don’t Count the Democrats Out Just Yet

Why U.S. Republicans may not gain another unearned victory in the fall.

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