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How Hispanics Became U.S. Election Kingmakers

A Q&A on demographic shifts and voting trends among U.S. Hispanics

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The Letelier Assassination: A Watershed in Counter-Terrorism

How the killing of a former Chilean ambassador in Washington, DC became a watershed moment in the West’s struggle against terrorism.

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Race for the White House: The Greatest Circus on Earth

Four reasons why the world community should stop paying so much attention to the U.S. presidential elections.

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When Protectionism Dominated American Politics

How the 1888 elections decided the protectionist course of U.S. economic expansion for decades to come.

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Silicon Valley: A Close-Up

Is Silicon Valley the 21st century American equivalent of the inferno/purgatory? Or of paradise?

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Trump: Turn All of America Into Another Atlantic City

Donald Trump made many false promises to the people of Atlantic City. Americans can’t say they weren’t properly forewarned.

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Time to Ditch Rawls?

We now live in a world where liberal democracies, principally the United States, do not affirm the principles of liberalism.

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Trump’s Mega-Fear: Beaten By a Woman

What could possibly explain the increasing bizarreness of the Trump campaign? It must have to do with the other candidate in the race

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Capo Trump’s Farewell to the American People

A preview copy of the failed Republican Presidential candidate’s November 9, 2016 speech, from the pages of Vanity Affairs magazine.

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Fox News’ Roger Ailes: The Man Who Single-Handedly Rogered America

The American people have been royally abused by the former Fox News leader.

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