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2016 or 1865? When Did the Republican Party Really Die?

Donald Trump is one of the crasser manifestations of the Republicans’ unperturbed selfishness and hucksterism.

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After Brexit: Now It’s Italy’s Turn

Germany will have to change its policies if it wants to avoid exit of other countries from the union.

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Globalization’s Gluttony

A painting and poem by Anatol Zukerman.

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The Trajectory of India-U.S. Relations

What will Modi accomplish during his upcoming visit to the United States?

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“Better Trump than Hillary”: Really?

Supporters of Trump today make the same devastating mistake as the French right in the 1930s.

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Donald Trump is a Latin American Demagogue at Heart

Trump is a living amalgam of Chavez, Juan Peron and Rafael Trujillo.

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What Contemporary Art Tells Us About Trump

Art has an uncanny ability to predict the future.

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Trump: Business Corruption and a “Horrible Law”

Five steps U.S. corporations should take to create a fairer society in the age of globalization.

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President Trump: The Magic of American Politics

Can this crude, narcissistic demagogue actually become President of the United States?

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The U.S. and the Real Outrage About the Panama Papers

Why isn’t the United States leading the charge to end global tax evasion via secret offshore accounts?

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