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Wishful Thinking About Poverty in America

It takes determination not to see the facts on U.S. poverty for what they are.

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An America That Says No – To Itself

After the State of the Union speech, a United States that can’t agree on anything?

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New York: De Blasio Vs. a Renegade Police Department

Will the NYPD accept democratic control? The rest of the world waits with bated breath.

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The Global American Dream

The U.S. is still the world’s gold standard.

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When America Simply Shrugs

Despite a plethora of quite fixable problems, Americans seem increasingly inclined just to look the other way.

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Pope Francis: U.S.-Cuba Matchmaker

What the U.S.-Cuba deal tells us about the future of Vatican diplomacy in a multi-polar world.

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The U.S. Torture Report and White Supremacy

How the “debate” over U.S. torture unmasks a wider truth of thinly veiled White supremacy in official policy.

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No NSA Reform, No CIA Reform

Reflections on U.S. politics as an eternal talk show.

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America’s Unfulfilled Promise: An Economic Bill of Rights

Roosevelt’s 1944 State of the Union message to Congress shows the U.S. the way forward.

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America’s Police: Preparing Urban Warfare

What connects Mexico’s Iguala, Ferguson and New York City?

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