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U.S. Spying and Europe’s Disillusioned Pro-American Elites

Why are some of Europe’s pro-American elites now wondering whether they got it wrong?

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Countering the Voices of U.S. Economic Extremism

The economic extremism from the far right could have set the United States far off course.

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On Iraq, Dick Cheney Used to Be a Truth Teller

Before he became Vice President, Cheney acknowledged that Iraq could disintegrate following a U.S. invasion.

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WANTED: A Foreign Policy Slogan

The search for a “post” to describe U.S foreign policy continues.

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This Thing Europeans Call Football

An American’s cultural journey toward the world’s most popular sport.

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Who Lost Iraq? Inside an American Battle

Why are the U.S. media not holding U.S. officials responsible for Iraq’s destruction?

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Why Does the U.S. Maintain Its Bellicose Level of Defense Spending?

A former U.S. budget director asks why the United States continues to gear up for global war.

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WWI and the United States: Woodrow Wilson’s Wisdom or Folly?

Would Europe have become a better place faster if the United States had not intervened in World War I?

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From Representative Democracy Back to Republic?

What radical U.S. conservatives forget about the country’s founding.

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Not So Exceptional After All

How the Netherlands provided the guidebook for America’s founding.

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