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When Conservatives Make Racism Respectable

Are Donald Trump and Britain’s Tories cut from the same political cloth?

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How to Defeat Trump in the American Heartland

Hillary Clinton needs to become an advocate of German-style codetermination in order to break with the Obama legacy of stagnant wages.

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Destiny Lost? Trump and a US Off Its Moorings

Does criticizing and downplaying other nations help Americans feel better about themselves?

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The Republican Party Richly Deserves Donald Trump

Rather than an outlier, Trump is the perfect front man for the “values” Republicans have been pursuing for well over a decade.

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U.S.: Police Warfare on Blacks Must Stop

U.S. police have to change their stance on black Americans.

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Is Hillary Clinton a Warmonger?

A closer review of Secretary Clinton’s foreign policy experience and tendencies.

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Orlando and the War on Terror

A narrative that treats the U.S. as the unsuspecting victim of attacks by supporters of ISIS is misleading.

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2016 or 1865? When Did the Republican Party Really Die?

Donald Trump is one of the crasser manifestations of the Republicans’ unperturbed selfishness and hucksterism.

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After Brexit: Now It’s Italy’s Turn

Germany will have to change its policies if it wants to avoid exit of other countries from the union.

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Globalization’s Gluttony

A painting and poem by Anatol Zukerman.

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