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Trump Vs. the US: Four Months That Changed the World

How Donald Trump got to the White House via the courts – and the amazing things that happened next.

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Trump’s Shock Troops and Mainstream Enablers

Does the corrosion of American democracy mimic the Weimar conditions that launched Hitler to power?

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Protest and Voter’s Remorse

On the dangers of the ill-considered passions of a constituency provoked by demagogues.

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U.S. Presidential Elections: Still Undecided?

Every voting bloc and interest group in America by now has reason enough to vote down Trump.

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Apple and Donald Trump: Two Sides of a Very Strange Coin

Another tell-tale chapter about vast abuses and the pressing need for an intense debate about the “winners and losers of globalization.”

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Obama’s Syria Policy: The Illusion of US Power in the Middle East

The cost of letting US policy be determined primarily by the ambitions of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

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Trump and the “H” Word: Tragedy, Farce and “Farce Majeure”

Why comparisons of Donald Trump and his minions to those of Adolf Hitler can be both deeply unsettling, and yet all too appropriate

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Hillary: I’m Not Donald Trump, Dammit!

Trump can win this election. If he does, it will be because of Hillary’s steadfast refusal to take principled stands on any issue.

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How Hispanics Became U.S. Election Kingmakers

A Q&A on demographic shifts and voting trends among U.S. Hispanics

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The Letelier Assassination: A Watershed in Counter-Terrorism

How the killing of a former Chilean ambassador in Washington, DC became a watershed moment in the West’s struggle against terrorism.

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