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No NSA Reform, No CIA Reform

Reflections on U.S. politics as an eternal talk show.

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America’s Unfulfilled Promise: An Economic Bill of Rights

Roosevelt’s 1944 State of the Union message to Congress shows the U.S. the way forward.

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America’s Police: Preparing Urban Warfare

What connects Mexico’s Iguala, Ferguson and New York City?

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Ferguson/US: Police Systematically Out of Control

The far too liberal use of deadly force by police in a conservative country.

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America’s Mezzogiorno: Take the Money and Run

federal reserve

What is the outcome of the anti-government legislating for the southern U.S. states?

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America’s Mezzogiorno: How the South Really Operates

How southern U.S. Republicans embrace and reject big government at the same time.

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Why Obama Is Right on Immigration

immigration action

Like Reagan and Bush, Obama takes action when Congress won’t.

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Obama: So Good, Yet So Bad

How can someone so politically adept at campaigning be so politically incompetent at governing?

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Ebola: America, Stay Calm and Carry On

How America’s knee-jerk response to Ebola is hurting West Africa.

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Electing a Republican Senate Won’t Fix What’s Broke

On two key issues – jobs and health care – Americans have a lot to learn from (Northern) Europe.

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