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Obama: No More Special Treatment for Mr. Modi and India

The U.S. finally announces the installation of an Air Quality Monitor in Delhi – as it did in Beijing in 2008.

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Where China Beats India (Badly)

India is global tourism’s biggest underperformer.

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6 Facts: China’s Growing Middle Class

The Chinese government has shifted its economic focus on home.

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Slavery in the 21st Century

Five countries account for over 60% of the 35.8 million people worldwide trapped in modern slavery.

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6 Facts: Tracking the Spread of Tea

Tea originated in China, but it took the British Empire for it to spread.

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Greece: Playing the Russia Card Against Europe?

If Greece wants to play the Russia card, it has some questions to consider first.

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The Myth of Asia: The Absence of an Asian Intellectual Space

Asian nations must decrease their intellectual dependence on the West.

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The Myth of Asia: Now Perpetrated By Asians Themselves

Why “Asia” never made any sense.

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Shanghai and Disruptive Innovation

Shanzhai: The disruptive potential of innovation from below.

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The Globalist’s Top 10 Features on China

What are China’s biggest challenges?

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