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China Loves a Weaker Russia

Why may China want to support Ukraine – even if it means quarrelling with Putin?

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ISIS Crisis: Blame Germany and China?

Terrorism is inspired and financed by the failings of the global economy.

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China-South Korea: Misguided Romance in East Asia?

Just how serious is this fledgling romance between Seoul and Beijing?

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Millionaires Galore

How many people around the world can be called a millionaire?

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Ukraine and the Return of Geopolitics

The long-term Impact of Putin’s war.

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Ukraine’s China Option

Should Poroshenko visit Beijing, as Richard Nixon once did?

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China: A Leadership Crisis in the Making?

China needs a new moral compass

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How China Leaves Mental Health Problems Unaddressed

China lacks the manpower and training to handle an epidemic of mental illness.

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Global Travel Champion

Which nation spent the most on international tourism in 2013?

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China: Radical Transformations – From Middle Kingdom to Global Sea Power

China from Mencius to Mahan – through Marx, Mao and Market Leninism.

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