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Who Can Contain China When U.S. Policy Fails?

A mutual prosperity doctrine is a better solution for U.S.-China relations in the 21st century.

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Japan’s Effort to Counter China’s Silk Road

The increasing economic presence of Japan in both South Asia and South East Asia provides a counterweight to China.

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China’s Dementia Challenge

Around 10 million people in China are suffering from dementia. Is the government adequately prepared?

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Germany’s Gauck in China: Human Rights for Home Consumption

How the Chinese leadership manages to cottonball sensitive state visits.

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What Asia Should Learn From Trump’s Rise

Trump’s ability to tap into the fears of those who feel marginalized is hardly unique to the United States.

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The Trump Effect on China

Donald Trump and prospects for democracy and xenophobic populism in China

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Thinking Outside the Box for India’s Think Tanks

What can China’s policy researchers teach their Indian counterparts?

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China: Language Simplification to Increase Literacy?

Is simplified Chinese necessary given China’s improved social and economic conditions?

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North Korea: China’s Tar Baby

Why does Beijing prop up an unhelpful ally regime that could spark a major war?

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Vietnam Dangles at the Tip of the Chinese Spear

South China Sea islands are arguably ground zero in any potential war between China and Vietnam.

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