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Shanghai – A City Hungry for the Future

Shanghai longs for a future that envelops the past.

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Oil: Anatomy of a Bubble

oil well

Life is good — for oil consuming countries at least.

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India and the Great Game of Energy

Will signing two big energy deals with Russia irritate both China and the U.S.?

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France’s Sudden Chinese Impulses

Why is the French finance minister invoking other cultures’ diplomatic style to defend France?

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11 Facts: China’s Improving Literacy Rate

Since 1990, China’s literacy rate has been rapidly improving.

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Regionalism, Asia Style

Unlike in Europe, Asian regionalism has been market-led.

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I, Robot: 10 Facts

The automotive industry dominates the ever growing field of robotics.

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18 Facts: Christians in China

christianity china

Despite current attempts at suppression, the number of Christians is growing.

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Trade as a Confidence-Building Measure in East Asia

The future of East Asia depends upon the ability of its nations to jump over the shadows of the past.

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Climate Policy and the Developing World

Poor, low-carbon emitting nations are being targeted unfairly.

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