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18 Facts: Christians in China

christianity china

Despite current attempts at suppression, the number of Christians is growing.

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Trade as a Confidence-Building Measure in East Asia

The future of East Asia depends upon the ability of its nations to jump over the shadows of the past.

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Climate Policy and the Developing World

Poor, low-carbon emitting nations are being targeted unfairly.

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12 Facts on China’s Economic History

China’s boom restores the country’s former global economic preeminence.

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Obama, Move Over

Strong performances by Xi and Putin at the APEC Summit.

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China: Hiding Your Strength and Biding Your Time

APEC Summit reflections on China’s impressive policy and reform path.

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A New World Emerges

How much do you know about the global economy?

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Madam Ministers

The state of female cabinet members around the world.

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Japan: A Polite Nation’s Dark Underbelly

A poor record on human rights hurts democracy in Japan.

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Xi Jinping: Handling the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution

Umbrella Revolution

A new generation believes it can succeed in something its predecessors could not.

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