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Immigration: Drain on Resources or Source of Growth?

What is the effect of immigration on national budgets? What is the GDP growth effect?

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China: Hiding Your Strength and Biding Your Time

APEC Summit reflections on China’s impressive policy and reform path.

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How the ECB Will Eke Out Some Growth (Almost)

The Eurozone is likely to grow at 0.9%.

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Nurses Urgently Needed: Another Critical Global Shortage

Why nurses need us to care.

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The Congress of Vienna at 200

The enduring legacy of the best peace conference of all time.

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Tax Carbon Consumption: Europe’s Best Environmental Strategy

Why Europe needs to act on climate change – and how.

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The Atlantic Civilization and Its Enemies

Squeezed between a self-destructive Russia and Arab world, Western nations need to focus on their roots.

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Why S&P’s Latest Call on Germany Misses the Mark

The emergence of some right-wing populists will not paralyze Germany’s pro-euro policies.

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Europe, End the Austerity Mania

Fiscal discipline does not determine economic growth and competitiveness.

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7 Facts: Sizing Up Ukraine

Ukraine is a big deal in Europe — literally.

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