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Greece: Still Shying Away from the Hard Decisions

Unless Mr. Tsipras bites the bullet on tough reforms, Grexit will certainly become a reality.

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Today’s Asia and Europe’s Identity

What exactly is Europe’s identity in this new, globalized world?

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Mr. Tspiras Tries to Blackmail Europe

Now Greece acts as Putin’s and Russia’s Trojan horse.

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What Greece Needs Now From Tsipras

Germany and France and the art of correcting erroneous economic policies.

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Germany’s Choice: Shaper or Bystander?

10 points on what Germany needs to do to save the Eurozone — and safeguard Germany’s own interests.

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Uncomfortable Parallels: Hitler and Putin

Artfully mixing the toxic spirit of national and personal humiliation.

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Europe’s Path and the Great Global Convergence?

A continent in decline.

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Varoufakis’s Ill-Advised Visions

Yanis Varoufakis’s vision for the Eurozone.

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The Euro Beyond Greece: Getting Larger, Not Smaller

Danes, Swiss and British may ultimately join the euro.

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Annals of War: How Woodrow Wilson Cost Europe a Century – Part II

Did American intervention in WWI help destabilize the European continent?

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