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Europe’s Path and the Great Global Convergence

A continent in decline.

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Europe’s Eager Islamism Understanders

After more than 25 years of Islamist killings in Europe, isn’t it time to stop blaming Israel or George W. Bush?

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Kaliningrad: Achilles’ Heel for the West

Kaliningrad could be Putin’s and Russia’s best diplomatic card in 2015.

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The Global American Dream

The U.S. is still the world’s gold standard.

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Mr. Draghi, Hands Off the Inflation Button!

The European Central Bank needs to realize the monetary policy bucket is now empty.

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Europe: A New Geopolitical Tax?

How best to cope with an era of new divisions in Europe.

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France’s Sudden Chinese Impulses

Why is the French finance minister invoking other cultures’ diplomatic style to defend France?

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How to Deal With the Return of Hard Power Politics in Europe

Putin’s actions require a new double-track decision by the West.

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5 Facts: Does Germany Deflate the Rest of Europe?

France’s cost of labor and goods is actually on track with EU goals. Germany’s is way out of line.

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TTIP: Strengthening a Global Economic Heavyweight

TTIP will help the U.S. and EU to meet the challenges of a globalizing world

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