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Merkel On the Brink?

Germany at a crossroad of domestic and foreign policy change.

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Obama’s Farewell to Europe

Is the 44th U.S. President burying the Euro-Atlantic alliance?

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Angela Merkel and the 10-Year Rule

If there is an iron law of European politics, it is for leaders to get out at the top as the ten-year rule completes its cycle.

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Germany: From Villain to Exemplar

The power of history and the effort of preventing the European Dream from turning into European Nightmare.

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National Liberation Fronts: United Against the Euro

Why establishment parties in Europe are increasingly left defenseless against a hardening opposition against the euro.

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Schäuble: Europe’s Last Man Standing

Is Germany’s finance minister really anti-European?

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Europe: The United States of Greater Austria?

Franz Ferdinand envisaged a reconstruction of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Could it have worked?

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Western Balkans: Stalled on Europe’s Edge

Poverty is the main security threat in the Western Balkans.

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Modi’s First Year: A German View

Europe is watching how Modi performs in moving India’s economy ahead.

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UK’s Cameron: Caught in the Syriza/Tsipras Trap

Why Britain won’t get a “new deal” from Brussels and Europe.

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