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Russia and Europe: Separated at Birth

What were the geographic and economic factors that marked Russia’s development?

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After Crimea: What Next, in Five Steps

Europe and the United States must look at the real challenges they face.

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10 Facts: Will Global Defense Spending Rise?

After Ukraine, many voices beat the drums for more money going to defense.

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10 Facts: Sizing Up NATO’s Defense Spending

The euro crisis means NATO militaries are likely to shrink further.

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Europe: How to Stabilize Ukraine

Focusing on three things – jobs, trade and free travel – can work wonders.

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10 Steps Europe Must Take on Energy

How to meet the opportunity presented by Russia to ready the EU’s energy policies for a more stable future

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What Misfiring America Can Learn From Europe

U.S. income inequality is a direct result of the U.S. top-heavy corporate model and short-termism.

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Russia’s Grip on Ukraine’s Energy Supply

Trying to loosen the symbiotic energy relationship between Russia and Europe.

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Twentieth Century Milestones in 2014

Can we use the milestones and guideposts of the past century to deal with current choices?

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“F*** the EU:” How Victoria Nuland Stirs the Pot in Ukraine

What really caused the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Europe to speak her mind so clearly?

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