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10 Facts: Women Politicians on the Rise Globally

Even Sub-Saharan Africa does better than the United States.

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Madam Ministers

The state of female cabinet members around the world.

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10 Facts: Women and the Nobel Prize

Across all disciplines, only one in twenty Nobel recipients have been women.

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8 Examples of Rampant Sexism in Brazil

Brazil struggles with rampant sexism.

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift

Why women around the globe play a central role in creating better economies.

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A Vote for Afghanistan

How can a society develop exemplary civic courage in the face of brutal terror?

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10 Facts for International Women’s Day

The state of women’s rights around the world — at a glance.

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Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Why is it right and smart to empower women?

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Bridging the Gender Gap

Does Islam really limit the opportunities and achievements of women?

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Is the Gender Pay Gap Closing?

Which of the following countries performs best in terms of equal pay?

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