Beat Guldimann

Beat Guldimann is president of Tribeca Consulting Group and the author of "Inside Swiss Banking."

United States: Primary Lunacy

Will the United States ever return to government “Of the People, By the People, For the People”?

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Tipping Point in Europe

Will the Paris attacks legitimize extreme populist politics in the eyes of the EU public?

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Trudeau’s Brave New Canada

A preview of Canada’s national and global agenda under its new government.

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Greece: Next Stop Russia?

What are the chances of Tsipras and Putin becoming allies?

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After Crimea: What Next, in Five Steps

Europe and the United States must look at the real challenges they face.

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A Tale of Three Americas

Examining the effects of the U.S. division into Main Street, Wall Street and Washington.

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CEO Pay: A Swiss Rebellion

What will be the ramifications of a Swiss referendum on executive compensation?

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Profiting from Failure at BlackBerry

How much longer can we tolerate misguided compensation packages for corporate executives?

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Today’s Number: $6 Billion to Elect a President

Would American democracy be better served by shorter and less costly elections?

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Today’s Number: 10,000 (Lost Jobs at UBS)

Is UBS’s exit from fixed-income trading a harbinger that other self-correcting measures will take hold in the financial industry?

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