Barry Wood

Barry D. Wood is a Washington writer and broadcaster. His new book is Exploring New Europe, a Bicycle Journey. His twitter handle is @econbarry

Nevada Gigafactory Critical to Tesla’s Future

The Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada, soon to be the world’s biggest building, is a huge roll of the dice for Elon Musk.

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Tomas Masaryk and Czechoslovakian Independence, 100 Years Ago

Few people are aware that Czechoslovak independence was declared in the United States, in Philadelphia on October 26, 1918.

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Tomas Masaryk: The Background

The story of the man who worked tirelessly for Czech and Slovak autonomy.

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Letter from Serbia: The EU and the Western Balkans

In less than half a century, Serbia morphed from hero to villain. And the country remains an outcast, the stench of Milosevic still in the air.

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Buffett: No US-China Trade War

A reflection on the 2018 Berkshire annual meeting.

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Czar Vladimir (Putin)

Putin rules like a Czar, deeply conservative, fearful of unrest, placing stability above all else.

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Hungary’s Viktor Orban: Europe’s Flame Thrower

How Viktor Orban rides the populist wave against Muslim “invaders.”

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After Mugabe: Zimbabweans Hope for a Better Life

Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe could use its bountiful natural resources to usher in a new era.

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Wolfgang Schäuble: Unwavering European

To manage Europe’s future, the outgoing German finance minister argues “First comes risk reduction — and only then risk sharing.”

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The Real Reason Why Eastern Europe Wants No Refugees

Despite shrinking populations, Eastern European countries are worried that taking in refugees is socially disruptive while providing no benefit in closing the income gap with Western Europe.

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