Shihoko Goto

Shihoko Goto is the senior associate for Northeast Asia at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. [Washington, D.C, United States]

A New Dawn for Japan’s Imperial Diplomacy?

How will Japan’s new emperor fare when it comes to promoting Japan’s image and interests overseas?

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Can Japan Be Great Again?

Shinzo Abe will have a hard time to make his vision of a Japan as the biggest Asian power a reality.

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When a Trade Agreement Represents a Global Vision

By moving forward with the bilateral trade deal, Japan and the EU are making clear that the global appetite for trade deals outside of the U.S. remains strong.

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US: No Positive-Sum Trade and Economic Strategy

The Trump administration places too much emphasis on reducing the trade deficit — and not enough on investing in future U.S. competitiveness.

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Arms Sales Push May Further Trump-Abe Bromance

For both Japan and the U.S. to benefit from a shift in trade dynamics between the two countries, weapons may be the best choice for Tokyo and Washington.

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East Asia’s Challenge: Resisting Hyper-Nationalism, Not Globalization

Overcoming nationalistic barriers is more urgent than ever for pro-Western Asian countries.

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Asia’s Heightened Jitters Over NAFTA Risks Spilling Over

Asian countries like South Korea are nervous about the United States changing its trade deals next.

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The Taiwanese Dream Vs. China’s Reality

Trump or no Trump: Taiwan’s path for growth is curtailed by a political roadblock, the PRC’s “One China” policy.

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Asia on the Brink of (Trade) War?

Following the U.S. withdrawal from the TPP, the Asia-Pacific region faces a lot of internal divisions over trade strategies.

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How the United States and UK Risk Their Global Goodwill

Britain is not alone in paying a price for its strategic isolationism. International disillusionment with the US has also begun.

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