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Pope Benedict on Globalization

What did Pope Benedict view as the responsibilities of the world’s rich countries to the poor?

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Mario Monti: Reforming Italy

How does Italy’s prime minister plan to cope with the euro crisis and revive his country’s economy?

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Cristina Kirchner on Argentina's Future

How does Argentina’s recently re-elected president envision her country’s future?

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Mohamed Bouazizi: The Spark that Ignited the Arab Spring

How did a humble Tunisian fruit vendor unleash a tide of protest throughout the Arab world?

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The Globalist’s Person of the Year: Vaclav Havel

How did the former Czech president view Eastern Europe’s role in the world?

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Francis Fukuyama on the Americas

What are the biggest challenges confronting Latin America and the United States?

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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Toward African Leadership

According to Liberia’s president, what kind of leadership does her continent need?

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The Reflections of Steve Jobs

We present the late Apple CEO’s reflections on life, success — and death.

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Gordon Brown on Renewing Western Economies

According to the former UK prime minister, what needs to be done to revive the Western economies?

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Chandran Nair on Asia’s Global Responsibility

Why is it up to Asia to fashion a more environmentally and socially conscious brand of capitalism?

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