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The Rise of Cheap Solar Energy

How are existing utilities reacting to solar energy becoming cost-effective?

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  • Solar energy could soon supply 18% of electricity demand in parts of Europe without subsidies.

1. Solar panels will be increasingly attractive as they keep getting more efficient and vastly cheaper while household power bills keep rising.

2. From a cost-saving standpoint, every family home and commercial rooftop in Germany, Italy and Spain should install solar panels by 2020.

3. If these countries did install that much solar power, it would have a huge impact on conventional coal-, gas- or nuclear-based power firms.

4. Thousands of power customers in Europe are flocking to renewables-based utilities with the rise of solar energy.

5. Solar energy is becoming so cost-effective now, an “unsubsidized solar revolution” could soon supply 18% of electricity demand in parts of Europe.

From Renewables: A Rising Power by Pilita Clark (Financial Times)



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  1. On October 25, 2013 at 10:49 am PeterBurgess responded with... #

    I am an advocate for radical reform in the metrics we use to report on business performance and the impact on people and planet. By ignoring externalities, the trucost of fossil fuels is dramatically understated. With full trucost analysis renewable energy becomes even more competitive than this report suggests.
    Peter Burgess – TrueValueMetrics –
    Multi Dimension Impact Accounting

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