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Europe: A New Geopolitical Tax?

How best to cope with an era of new divisions in Europe.

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10 Steps Europe Must Take on Energy

How to meet the opportunity presented by Russia to ready the EU’s energy policies for a more stable future

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Post-Russia: Europe’s Energy Alternatives, Realistically Viewed

Ten Facts: Breaking dependence on Russian energy is easier said than done

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Energy: Subsidizing the Rich

How do energy subsidies benefit the upper and middle classes at the expense of low-income people?

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Time to Let Iran Prove Itself

With a short-term deal struck, Iran must be given the chance to be tested.

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The Rise of Cheap Solar Energy

How are existing utilities reacting to solar energy becoming cost-effective?

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Can Germany Go Green?

Will Germany be successful in reducing its dependence on fossil fuels?

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Energy Security: Asia’s Achilles Heel

What is the weakest point in the geopolitical rise of Asia — and what are the rising nations doing to fix it?

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Exxon’s Pegasus Oil Spill — and the Myth of U.S. “Energy Independence”

Why has the American media been nearly silent on a major oil spill in Arkansas?

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The Globalist Debate: Renewable Energy and the Clash of Civilizations

Which civilization will win and which will lose — the one based on fossil fuels or the one based on renewables?

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