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Ethiopia: Land of Edible Napkins

Ethiopia has an amazing ability to get things done, quite unusual in low-income countries.

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Tanzania and the Soft Power of the United States

Media circuses surrounding unqualified presidential candidates are the U.S. political system’s new export.

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Is Genocide Inevitable?

Other outcomes are possible in African conflicts.

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Can Nigeria Finally Turn the Corner?

Africa’s largest economy ranks among the hardest places to do business.

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Nigeria: I Have A Dream

At last there is true hope on the horizon for Africa’s most important country and economy.

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Nigeria: Lights, Camera, Action!

Each year, Nigeria’s film industry makes more movies than Hollywood. Get behind the scenes with these photos.

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General Buhari’s Revolutionary Win

A new chapter opens for Nigeria.

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9 Facts on Modern Slavery in Nigeria

The Boko Haram insurgency is worsening an already-grave problem facing Nigeria.

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South Africa: Cry, the Beloved Country

What took South Africa from 1994 to 2014 will not take it to 2034.

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Ebola: America, Stay Calm and Carry On

How America’s knee-jerk response to Ebola is hurting West Africa.

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