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The 2010s: The Decade of Disillusion

The decade that has just ended, the 2010s, was marked by the crisis that began in 2007-08, and it was accompanied by the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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An Outbreak of Ethics in Silicon Valley?

The companies and employees of the firms that are creating AI-based surveillance technologies are no longer on the side-lines.

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How Is Digitalization Changing the Future of Work?

What do impending job losses mean for our societies? And how do we integrate artificial intelligence into our education system?

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Google and the Birth of a Digital God?

A question that not only science fiction lovers should ask is: What future do we want to live in?

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Digital Fascism Rising?

Can we still stop a world of technological totalitarianism?

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We Need Peace Rooms, Not War Rooms

A proposal for the pro-social use of big data intelligence

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Part VI: Digital Upgrade of Democracy (“Digital Democracy”)

We need social systems that are able to produce better solutions to complex problems.

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