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Putin’s Oligarchs and Yeltsin’s Oligarchs: All the Same?

The Putin oligarchs are billionaires who serve at the discretion of the state. The original Yeltsin-type oligarchs owned the state.

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Russia’s Long-Serving Leaders

Putin embarked on yet another re-election bid, making full use of his constitutional changes over the years.

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Czar Vladimir (Putin)

Putin rules like a Czar, deeply conservative, fearful of unrest, placing stability above all else.

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Risks for Caucasus of U.S.-Russia Anti-Terrorism Cooperation

Should the United States partner up with Russia on counter-terrorism in the Caucasus?

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The End of Brand Putin?

Can Russia ever become a modern, economically competitive, democratic society as long as Putin is in charge?

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How Qaddafi Mastered the Globalization Game

What has enabled Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi to weather North Africa's tsunami of popular revolutions?

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Urbi et Gorbi

Why does former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev not get credit for ending the Cold War?

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Russia and the West: The Unpopular Prospect of World War III

Why have relations between the West and Russia become increasingly frosty?

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Re-Democratizing Russia

Does Dmitry Medvedev’s first address as Russia’s President suggest a re-democratization of Russia?

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On the Politics of Financial Meltdowns

What can the United States learn from the financial crises that have roiled emerging markets?

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