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Less Europe?

The EU does not always need more members and deeper integration. Less could be more in the end.

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How to Shape the EU in the Post-Brexit Era

The EU is not a mono-directional train headed toward “ever closer union.” An “ever better union” with a clear focus on the principle of subsidiarity might be more like it.

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Boris Johnson’s Straw Man

The UK Foreign Secretary says only hard Brexit can save Britain from “Political Union” in Europe. As if the latter exists!

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Germany’s New Government: Abandoning German Interests in Europe

Don’t blame the French for seeking to pursue French interests and see to it that the French economic model prevails in Europe. But Berlin acts imprudently by accommodating that desire.

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The Three Brexit Fractures

The debate is dividing Britons by age, Conservatives by stance and Europeans by revived nationalisms.

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Europe’s New Crisis: Ungovernability

Returning to the spirit of the 1930s is not a program for government.

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Five Suggestions to Fix Europe’s Migration Mess

If properly integrated, migrants can benefit our societies.

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EU: On the Road to a Tallin Treaty?

A prediction about what lies ahead for the European Union.

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The European Project Reimagined

Re-thinking “ever closer union” based on a eurozone core.

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Western Balkans: Stalled on Europe’s Edge

Poverty is the main security threat in the Western Balkans.

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