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Italy: The New Greece?

Is Italy’s crisis the new Greece? Is it just as bad? Or different? Could it take just as long to resolve it?

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Sergio Marchionne’s Legacy for Italy

What lessons does the revival of Fiat hold for all of Italy?

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Europe Needs to Take a Chill Pill

A controlled unwinding of the euro might offer material economic benefits to many members of the Eurozone.

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A Third Wave of Financial Crisis?

After Lehman and the Eurozone, will China and oil cause another calamity in the markets?

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The Fallacies of Treating Turkey as Europe’s Gatekeeper

Priority should now be given to preventing a “Middle-Easternization” of Turkey itself.

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National Liberation Fronts: United Against the Euro

Why establishment parties in Europe are increasingly left defenseless against a hardening opposition against the euro.

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The Eurozone After Greece: Spain Vs. France

How do the EU’s third- and fifth-largest economies compare with regard to reform readiness?

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Europe’s Path and the Great Global Convergence?

A continent in decline.

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Varoufakis’s Ill-Advised Visions

Yanis Varoufakis’s vision for the Eurozone.

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Germany: Reluctant Leader and Indispensable Power

What will a reluctant leader mean for the resolution of such issues as the eurozone crisis, future military missions and data privacy?

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