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The Worst Human Crisis Since World War Two

America turns its back on the world’s starving – will the G20 come to the rescue?

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The U.S. Abandons the World’s Poor at the WTO

Does allowing India and other poor countries to help farmers and consumers really distort global markets?

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8 Facts for World Food Day

October 16 is World Food Day.

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Global Food Security: 10 Challenges

World Food Day reminds us of the fragility of food security in the 21st century.

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Humanity at a Crossroads

Do we have the will, individually and collectively, to implement the changes in attitude and lifestyle that are required?

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India’s Food Crises: A Close-Up

Can India be a global power when it can’t guarantee its own food security?

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Africa’s Resurgence and the Future of the Global Economy

Africa’s leaders need to rebuild the relationship between market and state, while supporting human development through education and social support.

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The Global Clash Over Corn

Could exploding U.S. demand for corn-based automotive fuel threaten world food security and political stability?

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The Global Famine of 1877 and 1899

How did Great Britain's free market policies have a disastrous effect during a worldwide famine?

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