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“Westlessness” — Seriously?

Europe keeps dithering on the global stage. Even the French and the Germans can’t fake consensus anymore.

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Let’s Be Practical About Building a Better World

What will it take to get the world community to effectively deal with the proliferation of global problems?

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A Contrarian Call on France

Macron suffered the fate of his predecessors — shortly after taking office, popularity slumps. But the worst may be over now.

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Macron at the Barricades

Is it all downhill for President Macron from here on out? The early political fortunes of two other major Western reform politicians – Margaret Thatcher and Bill Clinton – should provide comfort.

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Macron = Renzi? Probably Not

Macron has two advantages over Matteo Renzi: A solid majority in parliament and the ability to give protesters some fiscal concessions.

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In Charts: The Yellow Vests

A collection of charts, maps and graphs explaining France, the presidency of Emmanuel Macron and the Yellow Vest protests.

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Will Macron End Like François Hollande – Or Matteo Renzi?

France’s current political fight is over the country’s ability to accept evolutionary – rather than revolutionary — change.

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“Yellow Vests”: The First Rebellion Against the Ecological Transition

Previous rebellions in France were against the markets and globalization. The Yellow Vest rebellion is against a change in our way of life.

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Trouble for Macron?

Facing yellow vests, Macron does not see red yet.

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Europe’s High-Speed Rail Leaders

Spain, France and Germany have the largest high-speed train networks after China and Japan.

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