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Body Mass Index (BMI): Too Crude A Tool?

The measure still used globally for obesity actually does not measure fat.

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Too Much Salt: A Truly Global Health Problem

Adults consume too much salt, in a staggering 181 of 187 countries studied

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TB in China: a New Epidemic of an Old Disease

How China handles drug-resistant tuberculosis will have a big effect on the problem globally.

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Haze: Asia’s New Weapon

In Southeast Asia and beyond, it’s high time to rethink the meaning of security.

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Asia’s Lacking Pride

Why would emerging countries copy the unhealthy eating habits of the West, when their own tradition is so much healthier?

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How Obesity Can Derail China’s Growth

What measures can China and other cultures take to stem the rising tide of obesity, particularly among children, in its population?

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Health Care and the Road to American Serfdom

Individual rights in the United States are not threatened because government is too oppressive. The real problem is that government is too weak.

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From Economic Growth to Human Growth

Why does the world urgently need to consider economic growth in a broader, nonmaterial context?

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Want More Kids? What Can Governments Do?

Will gender equality in itself bring an end to below-replacement fertility?

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Taking a Bite Out of Malaria: Part I

Why is malaria such a crucial global health problem?

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