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U.S. Refugee Policies

Do current U.S. refugee admissions match the crises?

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Syria and Iraq War Refugees: Very Few Allowed Into U.S.

How do recent U.S. refugee admissions from the Middle East compare to peer countries?

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Germany: From Villain to Exemplar

The power of history and the effort of preventing the European Dream from turning into European Nightmare.

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Germany: A 10-Point Plan to Deal With the Immigration Challenge

What does it take to make sure that the immigrants now arriving are integrated in a sustainable manner?

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Immigration: Report From Germany’s Front Lines

Helping refugees in practical ways, while trying to be more than a drop in the bucket.

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Migration: Notes on Potential Impact on Europe

Domestic policy response matters more than any decision about an initial distribution of migrants.

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12 Facts: Europe’s Immigration Nations

The United States isn’t the only country that can claim to be a nation of immigrants.

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Not “Really” Problems

What are some tongue-in-cheek reasons as to why Washington need not bother fixing the United States’ problems?

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Is Population Growth a Ponzi Scheme?

When it comes to population growth, why is more not always better?

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The United States’ First National ID System

What is the forgotten history of the United States’ first national identity card system?

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