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After Merkel: Germany’s Tax State Faces Its Limits

Denying the root causes for the increased frustration of the public with existing policies is not going to regain trust. “Populism” will continue to gain support.

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German Lessons for Britain on EU Workers’ Freedom of Movement

It is ludicrous to blame Angela Merkel’s refugee policies for strengthening the Brexit vote. The wave of xenophobia was the result of the UK’s own administrative ineptitude.

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German Turks: The Third-Generation Surprise

Why third-generation German Turks feel a stronger bond with their parents’ or grandparents’ country of origin than do the older generations.

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The Europeanization of the Anti-Europeans

The big prize being eyed by the anti-European and xenophobic parties are the elections to the European Parliament next May.

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Brothers in Power: Trump and Netanyahu

The Binyamin and Donald show threatens to undermine, perhaps irredeemably, the institutions of democracy in Israel and the United States.

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US Census 2020: A Political Boomerang for Republicans?

Asking about citizenship status in the 2020 Census is dangerous and politically inept.

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South Africa’s Xenophobia Problem

Once a haven for other Africans, the country’s economic crisis has soured public opinion on foreigners.

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Trump’s Immigration Plan: Sound Start for Compromise

Trump’s proposed immigration plan does provide a starting point to accomplish an ultimate compromise that would better serve the national interests.

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The Real Reason Why Eastern Europe Wants No Refugees

Despite shrinking populations, Eastern European countries are worried that taking in refugees is socially disruptive while providing no benefit in closing the income gap with Western Europe.

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Fixing the US Immigration System: Back to the Future

The US needs to return to stop discriminating against those with little education. Let’s set up an immigration lottery to make it work.

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