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How to Reform the US Supreme Court?

Other countries show many ways in which a nation can de-politicize nominations to its highest court. All Justices should have bipartisan support.

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Governance Vs. Democracy

Why U.S. foreign policy should focus on “good governance” instead of “democracy.”

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Italy: Lawyers Numerous, Justice Scarce

Italy has four times more layers than France, despite its similar size.

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Why Americans Love Bombardment

Has justice through retribution become the new American virtue?

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Human Rights in Latin America: The Rios Montt Genocide Trial

What does the genocide conviction of Guatemala’s former General Rios Montt mean for the survivors?

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Gordon Brown on Renewing Western Economies

According to the former UK prime minister, what needs to be done to revive the Western economies?

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Ai Weiwei on Modern China

Why is Chinese artist Ai Weiwei an outspoken critic of China’s government?

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Can Latin America Reform Itself?

What steps can Latin America take to make the public sector work for the region’s neediest?

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Democracy Marches On

How would the universal adoption of democracy usher in a better future for all the world’s people?

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Preventing and Prosecuting Crimes Against Humanity in the 21st Century

How can we learn from the past to prevent future crimes against humanity?

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