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America’s Home-Made Raw Deal for Workers

Successive U.S. administrations have said the right things on helping workers deal with globalization, but not acted.

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U.S. Employees: Working Hard and Hardly Paid

Americans outwork many peers abroad because their hourly productivity isn’t compensated enough.

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Old Industry in Indonesia: Pictures of a Sugar Cane Community

Industrial communities in Indonesia form community around old sugar cane plants.

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Is the Gender Pay Gap Closing?

Which country performs best in terms of equal pay — US, UK, Germany or Korea?

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A Nation of Home Offices?

How has technology shifted the location of work in the United States?

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Don’t Worry, Germany: Export All the BMWs You Want!

A pathway to reducing Germany’s current account surplus.

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Qatar: A Close-up

Are the wealthy few in the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar exploiting poor foreign workers?

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Saudi Arabia’s Youth: Idle and Underskilled

How does Saudi Arabia’s reliance on foreign labor affect its youth?

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Profits Up, Labor Down

Is a weak labor market good for U.S. corporate profits?

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The United States as a Haven of Economic Inefficiency

Can the U.S. economy trim costs and make itself internationally competitive?

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