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US and Mexican Parallels: Inequality, Health and Wealth

How COVID 19 highlights blatant levels of social and economic inequality in the United States and Mexico.

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COVID 19 in Latin America: Another Populist´s Rude Awakening

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro isn’t the only powerful politician in Latin America who is challenging fate with his management style for the pandemic.

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Minimum Wage Clauses in Trade Agreements: Barking Up the Wrong Tree

It can feel very rewarding emotionally to blame Mexicans (and other foreigners) for one’s economic plight. It is far less satisfying to yell at robots.

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Trump and the Minimum Wage: How to Trade with Mexico

The Trump trade deal with Mexico is, in a smaller way for now, another of those rare Nixon in China moments. It has the potential to alter the arc of contemporary history.

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How Trump’s Trade War Triggers Global Economic Slowdown

Far from strengthening the U.S. economy, Trump’s punitive tariffs destroy global supply chains.

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Russian Migration: In and Out

Russia is home to a million more immigrants than its large emigrant diaspora.

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Strict Executive Term Limits: US Still a Leader?

The country might be constitutionally backward on other fronts, but it is still a model on executive term limits.

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Media Terror: Press Freedom in Turkey and Russia

Media freedom in important G-20 economies — Turkey, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia and Mexico — leaves much to be desired.

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US Expats in Mexico: Will We Be Thrown Out?

What will happen to Americans living in Mexico if the hostility toward Mexican-Americans is put into action?

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Indigenous Mexicans’ Homes Under Threat

The Tzotzil people of southern Mexico survive off land the government wants to repossess.

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