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Forget Fake News. Worry About Fake History Oscars

Two movies about Britain in 1940 – Dunkirk and the Darkest Hour – have collected plenty of Oscar nominations. Yet, both movies are full of historical nonsense.

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Nigeria: Lights, Camera, Action!

Each year, Nigeria’s film industry makes more movies than Hollywood. Get behind the scenes with these photos.

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Exploring the Telluride Film Festival

What makes Telluride one of the world’s most important film festivals?

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“Blow-Up” at 40

What is the enduring significance of the classic sixties British film “Blow-Up”?

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Leonardo, Diamonds and Child Soldiers (Part II)

Why have international efforts to end the use of child soldiers been futile?

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Leonardo, Diamonds and Child Soldiers (Part I)

What have recent books and movies taught the world about the tragic fate of child soldiers?

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Hollywood’s Global Crop

What does the current crop of Oscar-nominated movies say about Hollywood and globalization?

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