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From Ferguson to Baltimore (Via Manassas)

Reflections on the militarization of the U.S. police.

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Was America Ever Exceptional?

How it hurts a nation that cannot distinguish between strength and power.

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How Power Really Works in the 21st Century: Beyond Soft, Hard & Smart

Has the ubiquitous concept of “soft power” outlived its usefulness in international affairs?

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Dateline Tehran: Brazil's Big-League Diplomacy (Part II)

Is Brazil about to change the rules of diplomacy?

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Dateline Tehran: Brazil’s Big-League Diplomacy (Part I)

Could Brazil displace the United States as the leader in global diplomacy?

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India's Global Bridging Powers

Can India act as an effective medium between the developed world and the developing world?

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Women: Revolutionaries in the Arab World

How are women in the Arab world demanding political participation?

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Mapping the Global Future

What major challenges can the world expect to confront in the next 15 years?

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“TINA” and Global Responsibility

How can companies promote sustainable globalization?

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U.S. Power in the 21st Century

Why will U.S. power continue into the 21st century?

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