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The End of an American’s China Dream

Foreign residents of China should never assume their passports will exempt them from forced eviction.

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Russia’s Elites and the “Crowded Streetcar Effect”

To preserve their gains, will Russia’s oligarchs now demand a strong rule of law?

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Mexico’s Moment

Why is Latin America’s economic spotlight shifting away from Brazil?

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East Africa: Left Behind

Why have fertility rates in East Africa bucked the global trend — and what does this mean for the region’s future?

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The Way Out of Greece’s Insolvency — And Into Europe’s Future

How will building up Greece’s capital base provide a long-term solution to the country’s fiscal woes?

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The Networking of U.S. Foreign Policy: The Importance of Europe

Why is the U.S.-EU relationship by far the most important bilateral partnership in the world?

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America and Europe: John Locke vs. Saint Augustine

How have religious influences changed the way Americans and Europeans think about the role of government?

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America: Populist Before It Was Capitalist

Do free-market principles often face a tougher battle in the United States than in supposedly socialist Europe?

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Emerging or Submerging?

After the global financial crisis, what will be the fate of emerging economies?

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The Truth About China

Why must China strive to become a more “normal” economy?

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