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Reforming UNESCO’s World Heritage

Cultural and natural heritage is important to all of us. But we are doing ourselves a disservice if we allow national interests to come before quality.

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How the World Bank Mismanaged the Reconstruction of Afghanistan

Vast inflows of donor cash, intended to bring about reconstruction, may instead have added significantly to Afghanistan’s corruption problems.

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Reforming Saudi Arabia: Easier Said Than Done

What to make of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s recent disavowal of the kingdom’s founding religious ideology?

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Gulf Crisis: Advantage Qatar

How the Gulf crisis and global pressure related to the 2022 World Cup may have induced Qatar’s leaders to launch important reform to advance social change.

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Macron: Now What?

There is a massive opening for France and Macron in Europe which no French president since Mitterrand 25 years ago has been able to seize.

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Systemic Failure: Lessons from the World of Trade for the World of Finance

Why have the trade and finance systems performed so differently in the financial crisis?

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Russia and Globalization

Fifteen years after the fall of communism, how is Russia interacting with the rest of the world?

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Measuring the Arab World: Check the Christian Barometer

Are free elections truly a good measure of freedom and democracy in the Middle East?

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Kofi Annan and the Need for Real UN Reform

How do current UN reform efforts fail to address major challenges ahead?

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Countdown to Build a Real Society — A Manual in Eight Steps

How can countries achieve economic reform and civic involvement?

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