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Refugee Crisis: The EU’s Turkey Connection

Europe has to tread carefully as Turkey itself is in a precarious situation.

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Merkel’s “We Can Do It!” Perhaps Not!

Reflections on Merkel’s curious mixture of profound ethics paired with high-handedness and naiveté.

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Multicultural Society: An Indian Perspective

Immigration, integration and reimagining multiculturalism.

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The Fallacies of Treating Turkey as Europe’s Gatekeeper

Priority should now be given to preventing a “Middle-Easternization” of Turkey itself.

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North Sea Boats and Spanish Crossings

Today’s refugee crisis imagery echoes the Dutch England-Voyagers and French escapees of World War II

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How France Will Bail Out Germany’s Merkel

In the spirit of European cohesion, France will force Germany to change its refugee policy.

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EU’s Fate After Paris: A Dark Scenario

The terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015, could be the final crisis that breaks the Union’s back.

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Refugees: The Four Forces Driving Angela Merkel

Seizing America’s “future preference” and having grown up behind the “Iron Curtain” help explain Merkel’s approach to the refugee crisis.

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U.S. Refugee Policies

Do current U.S. refugee admissions match the crises?

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Syria and Iraq War Refugees: Very Few Allowed Into U.S.

How do recent U.S. refugee admissions from the Middle East compare to peer countries?

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