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Trump’s Crossing the Rubicon

When faced with his own Rubicon moment, will Trump provoke a crisis or will he stand down?

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Donald Trump, Not Your Grandfather’s Caesar: The Big Differences

Julius Caesar’s and Donald Trump’s outsized ambition and lack of scruples turned them into dangers to republican values and institutions. But how were they different?

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Trump and Caesar: Two Men Above the Law

In their ruthless pursuit of power and self-aggrandizement, both Caesar and Trump run roughshod over laws and norms.

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Just the Facts: Social Media, Back to the Future

New media are actually older than old media, the historic exception.

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The British Seeds of American Decline

Is the decline of the United States as an economic superpower inevitable? Or can it avoid the mistakes of past superpowers?

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Who Was the Richest Person Ever?

Marcus Crassus, John D. Rockefeller, Carlos Slim, Mikhail Khodorovsky — who’s the richest of them all?

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An Islamic View of History

How does the Muslim world’s view of global history differ from the West’s?

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Rome-ing the Environment

Are environmental projects in China being restricted by grant stipulations in Western countries?

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Washington = Rome Redux

Can ancient Rome teach Washington lessons about empire building?

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English: Not America’s Language?

Should English become the United States’ official language?

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