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Reforming UNESCO’s World Heritage

Cultural and natural heritage is important to all of us. But we are doing ourselves a disservice if we allow national interests to come before quality.

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Sweden: Europe’s Leader for Women in Parliament

Nearly half of Swedish MPs are women.

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Seeking Sanctuary

Which industrialized country received the most asylum seekers in 2014?

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2015: The Year of All Elections for Europe?

Voters from Greece to Britain may finally decide if the EU will survive.

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Syrian Refugees: A Need for Global Burden Sharing

The world is on notice: We are facing a looming humanitarian crisis.

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The New Globalists: Malling it in Moscow

Some young, cosmopolitan expats are returning to visit Russia often. Why?

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The Nordic Model and the European Crisis

Has Scandinavia’s emphasis on fairness and social cohesion made its economies more resilient to Europe’s crisis?

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The Nordic Model’s Economic Appeal

The Nordic model has been hailed for its social successes. But does it make good economic sense?

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Euro Crisis: Economic Turmoil, Political Backlash

How is the global economic crisis generating a political backlash — even in the prosperous core of the eurozone?

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The Jihad of America’s Founding Fathers

Why is the tension between the United States and the Muslim world far from a recent development?

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